Welcome to the Sports and Health Club Vitalis

Starting june 1st:
rehab sports courses

Here are 10 powerful reasons, why you should train 
in the Sports and Health Club Vitalis today

  1. 4 weeks back in shape trialpackage for only 37€

  2. Unique holistic conzept with training to your daily needs.  Dose your training to your needs and how you feel on the day and avoid overtraining or undertraining.

  3. More than 30 years of expierience on the fitness- & healthmarket.

  4. With only 2-3 hours per week you can meet your goals. Train with people like you and me and profit from optimal organisation without waiting times on the equipment.

  5. Using our high-tech InBody 770 body-analysis-scale we can measure your training success and increase your motivation to reach your goals.

  6. One of our big strenghts is the fast and permanent removal of back- and kneepain using the tried and tested Liebscher & Bracht method.

  7. Body-anamnese to measure strenght, posture and remove specific deficits.

  8. We use modern methods and the newest disoveries to help you reach your peak performance.

  9. Stress-prevention and feel-good program with our brainLight massage chair.

  10. Special yoga, fitness und stretching courses to heighten your fitness and mobility.