Rehab sports

What is rehab sports?

Rehab sports is a form of training in a group, which aims to preserve or rebuild essential movements of the body. More specifically, the goal is to strengthen fundamental aspects of movement, strength, endurance and speed with training, aswell as improving your own motivation to be healthy.

Rehab sports courses will take place within the Sports and Health Club Vitalis. The programs are recognized by the “Deutschen Behinderten-und Rehabilitationssport-Verband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.” and certified. A licenzed and qualified trainer will instruct you during the courses. 

How can I partake in rehab sports?

Rehab sports has to be prescribed from a doctor (form 56). You can receive this form in our studio by asking one of our staff. Your doctor has to sign it for you and your health assurance needs to allow it aswell. Then you can bring the filled out form back to us and get started.

Additional payment for attending rehab sports courses will not be required. Payment is handled by the payer.

Who is eligible for rehab sports?

Rehab sports is for people with orthopedic movement impairments e.g. arthrosis, spinal diseases, scoliosis etc. but also for people with protheses and endoprotheses e.g. hip-tep, knee-tep, spine impairments etc.  All acute surgeries have to be approved by physiotherapists first!

If you (already) have a form for attending rehab sports courses, then come to our studio and make an appointment under 0261- 44199 or per email to