brainLight: relaxation technology

made in Germany!

Just let your soul dangle for a few minutes and treat yourself to a relaxing massage from the stressful everyday life. After only a few uses you can notice your concentration ability increase and your stress level decrease. A 10-time use card is purchasable for only 50,-€. If you are interested just give us a call under 0261 44188. Treat yourself or your loved one now.

Der neuste Massagestuhl der Firma brainLightMore positive effects that come with prolonged use:

  • Reduction of cortisol release (less stress!)
  • Harmonization of intestinal activity and digestion resulting in a better well-being
  • Dissolving of neuromuskular and vegetative imbalances for more calmness in daily life
  • Harmonization of scelettal and fascial dysfunctions
  • Strenghening of the immunsystem and activation of the bodys natural healing abilities
  • Thanks to deep relaxationtiefer your blood vessels expand and become untightened
  • Slowing of heart frequency, breath and body circulation
  • Optimization of neural connections in the brain
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