Success stories


Heinz T.

„Amazing studio with really good trainers! Absolutely recommendable – With their help, I managed to permanently lower my blood pressure, be independent from medical treatment and lower my weight a lot.
Naturally you have to go to the studio yourself and do something yourself –  but with the right guidance I was able to reach my goal in one year, that I couldn’t reach for 8 years before with other methods or studios.
Thank you very much – again absolutely recommendable! Anyone who is motivated and interested, can reach their goal here!“


Testimonial Weiblich

Yasmin Sch.

„I feel great and I get individual advice – not comparable to the impersonal treatment in other fitness chains!“



Testimonial Weiblich

Heike W.

„Totally astonished. My well-being keeps increasing!“




Testimonial WeiblichKaren F.

„Very good studio, with great trainers, who are always there for you and answer all questions. Super advice! Very personal and individal.
At the same time they have great courses and massage chairs for relaxation. I feel very much at home, thanks!“


Testimonial WeiblichLinda P.

„No impersonal treatment – here you are being treated as a person! 🙂 I feel great and the counseling is really Betreuung ist wirklich remarkable! Thank you very, very much to the whole team!“



TestimonialFlorian M.

„I had a non-commital counseling and am amazed, a lot of time is invested in you and I also like the concept! The trainers care for you and  you will feel at home. I will rather come back sooner than later!!  :)“